Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D is also known as Medicare’s prescription drug coverage. It helps pay for medications not covered under parts A or B


Medicare Part D cover

All Part D plans must cover at least two and often many more medications from the most prescribed medication classes and categories.


Part D eligibility

If you’re eligible for Medicare, you’re eligible for Part D. To be eligible for Medicare, you must be at least 65 years old

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Medicare Part D, the prescription drug benefit, is the part of Medicare that covers most outpatient prescription drugs. Part D is offered through private companies either as a stand-alone plan, for those enrolled in Original Medicare, or as a set of benefits included with your Medicare Advantage Plan.

Unless you have creditable drug coverage and will have a Special Enrollment Period, you should enroll in Part D when you first get Medicare. If you delay enrollment, you may face gaps in coverage and enrollment penalties.

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If your prescription drug plan isn’t meeting your needs, you can change your Medicare Part D option during open enrollment periods. These open enrollment periods happen twice throughout the year.

Rules for switching plans.

You can only switch drug plans during certain times and under certain conditions.

Options for veterans.

TRICARE is the VA's health-care plan, and it's usually less expensive than Medicare Part D.

Medicare Advantage plans.

(MA) plans cover costs for parts A, B, and D, and they may also pay for dental

Medigap plans.

Standard Medigap plans are labeled A through N and offer different levels of health coverage. Medigap plans help pay for out-of-pocket costs.


Medicaid, when you become eligible for Medicare, you’ll be switched to a Part D plan to pay for your medications.

Medicare Part D cost

Costs depend on the plan you choose, coverage, and out-of-pocket costs. Other factors that affect what you may pay include.

Medicare Part D enrollment

First time enrollment when you turn age 65, if you’re eligible before age 65 due to disability, open enrollment period, general enrollment period

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